Temple Agama

Vaikhanasa Agama

The Agamas in general are revered along with the Vedas as primary Hindu scriptures. All of the Agamas elucidate the science of ritual, but the uniqueness of "Vaikhanasa Agama" is that it gives more detail on the performance of ritual, both in the temple and in the home. The "Vaikhanasa Agama" exists in two parts. The first part deals with rituals that are performed in the temple and to the presiding deity. The second part deals with purification ceremonies that a priest must undergo in order to qualify to serve in the temple. "Vaikhanasa Agama" was written by Sage Vikhanasa, and is considered as one among four main "Vaishnava agamas' '. Mareechi, Bhrigu, Kashyapa and Atri, the four disciples of Sage Vaikhanasa spread the essence of Vaikhanasa Agama across the world. The daily, weekly, monthly and annual arjitha sevas or festivals that are performed in the famous Aditya Hill shrine of Lord Sri Santhana Sampada Venkateswara Devalayam at Mithila nagar are as per the recommendations of Vaikhanasa Agama The Vaikhanasa Agama recommends six times puja a day viz. Prathyusham which promotes the development of healthy population, Pratahkala that promotes Japa and Homa, Madhyahna in the promotion of the kingdom, Aparahna that brings about the destruction of evil doers, Sayankala which leads to greater and increased agricultural production and Nisi aradhana that develops the cattle population. As it is not always possible to perform six pujas a day in a temple, the same agama also recommends minimum one puja.

Shatkalam va Thrikalam va Dwikalam

Ekakalam va Pujanam Deva Devasya

In Mithila nagar at present two pujas are performed, one in the morning in conjunction with Thomala Seva which is open to public, another one in the evening. The temple administration performs daily arjita sevas to the presiding deity as a matter of divine exercise and also allows Devotees as partners in the exercise as a token of involvement of the devout service.